Cira Citrasmi Candramanon-Bhang

Born on 5 January 1974 in Bandung - Indonesia






Bachelor of Arts majoring in Interior Design. 

Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, National Intitute of Technology,

Bandung - Indonesia



Batik process, Bandung - Indonesia



IS Aix-en-Provence ( Institut International de Langue )

Aix en Provence - France


2013 - 2014    

Institut Français Indonésie ( IFI )

Bandung - Indonesia





2000 - 2011    

Interior Designer


Lecturer of 2 Dimensional Design and 3 Dimensional Design at Visual Communication

Design Departement in Bandung - Indonesia                    


Designer of contemporary batik pattern for Dianti Batik


Teacher of batik process for adults, children and also children with special needs, hearing - speech impaired.            



Exhibition and Workshop


Contemporary batik pattern exhibition  for Dianti Batik in Jakarta - Indonesia

Batik process workshop in Bandung and Jakarta - Indonesia


Web Exhibition Provence Sud Passion

18 June - 30 August 2020

Summer Group Exhibition la Cour des Créateurs Salon de Provence, France

11 july - 16 August 2020



Promotion / Publication



Featured along with the artists from all around the globe in Curatorial Volume. 2, Leaders in Contemporary Art, A Creative Directory, by Capsules Book, Melbourne - Australia