Cira Bhang is an Indonesian-born artist based in France. She moved to France in 2014. She's a self-taught artist and started an abstract painting in 2016 at the age of 42 years. She lives with her husband in a small town in Provence, South of France.


Process of her painting is an intuitive layering of line, colour, shape, brushstrokes, mixed media and sometimes collage. She doesn't have any favorite colour however she loves bright colours. She harmonises it according to the nuances that represent on a subject or a theme, to the colour theory or a colour trend of the moment. A shape sometimes represent a subject or a theme or it's not related at all. When she chooses a theme, she inspired as much by a simple things her everyday life, or at times, more serious and even complex as being a woman and wife.


While painting she discovers something interesting unexpectedly that lead her to the intention and the process of defining the work. The culmination of her work is total if the final result allows everyone has a personal and unique interpretation. In her opinion, even something imperfect can become attractive.

"Don't be afraid of being yourself, show your colours"