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Indonesian-born artist based in France. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in interior design from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, National Institute of Technology in Bandung, Indonesia, in 2000. She moved to France in 2014. And lives with her husband in a small town in Provence, Southern France.


From her mini studio, she recounts the stories abstractly through shape simplification or symbols harmonised with superposition of the elements of art. The composition of work expresses the simple things in her everyday life, or at times, speaks more profound and even complex subjects as being a woman and a wife. In her journey of creativity, she responds to things that are both appealing and unforeseen. Those things will then lead her to the intention and the process of defining the work. The culmination of her work is accomplished if the final result allows everyone to reach a personal interpretation and imaginative perception.

She states: “Everything has its own story”.


This is about what I see, what I listen to, what I feel and what I think, regardless of things I like or not. The passion that I express through the composition of abstract shapes or symbols blends with other art elements. - Every person, every moment, every single thing have its own story behind it. - It’s like a journal.

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